Subject: Re: Valentine's Day kernel, bootblock snapshot
To: Ethan VanMatre <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/23/1995 10:38:39
> On a side note. I've always thought that a DS2100 could be converted to a 
> DS3100 by replacing the 12 MHz xtal with a 16 MHz xtal...

They used down-spec parts on the 2100 to save costs.   If you up the
clock speed, it might work, or it might appear to work but be flakey,
or it might not work at all.   I'm not saying don't try it - after
all, if you break it, how much will it cost to get another?   But
watch out for flakiness.   Particularly given that you'll be running
an OS that's not yet stable, I'd recommend waiting until NetBSD/pmax
is a bit more solid before playing with the hardware...

Ted Lemon
+1 415 567 7999