Subject: Re: Valentine's Day kernel, bootblock snapshot
To: Andrew Gallatin <gallatin@isds.Duke.EDU>
From: Ethan VanMatre <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/23/1995 09:31:12
> version of the prom's your DECstation has?  I'm having zero success
> with a 2100 which has KN01 V7.0.  I've tried both cat & dd to get the

My 3100 is KN01 V7.02 and does not work also. Have we found out the 
minimum version number that will boot NetBSD? I may be possable to get a 
copy made of the latest boot proms. Of course, one would have to check 
the FCOs required.

On a side note. I've always thought that a DS2100 could be converted to a 
DS3100 by replacing the 12 MHz xtal with a 16 MHz xtal...

regards, Ethan