Subject: Re: Valentine's Day kernel, bootblock snapshot
To: None <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Arne Henrik Juul <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/19/1995 20:22:19
 > I've just rebuilt a  kernel from a snapshot of my own source tree,
 > which isn't quite the same as -current.
 > The kernel and bootblocks are in
 > Gregorio.Stanford.EDU:/pub/NetBSD/pmax/valentine-snapshot.
 > The kernel itself is built using the same configuration as the
 > miniroot on Gregorio.  The bootblocks work for me on a 5k/200,
 > 5k/240, 5k/25, and worked recently on a 3100.
 > This kernel may not work for everyone; but it contains a number
 > of changes to interrupt and enable code. I'd appreciate it
 > if net-connected people could take the time to fetch the
 > kernel and bootblocks, try it on their machine, and let me
 > know if it boots or not (and on what type of machine).

I've fetched and installed this kernel/bootblocks to our DECstation 3100,
and it seems to work quite well - I've done some compilation (of another
kernel at least) with it, and while it has some problems there are no
new problems that I am aware of.

'Known' problems:
dmesg doesn't work - probably because the allocation of the msgbuf also
sets maxmem to point below the msgbuf area, so you get 'bad adress' from
/dev/kmem. workaround: "cat /kern/msgbuf".

ktrace gets panic: kmem_malloc: kmem_map too small
after this panic, the machine hangs in the boot sequence, so pressing the
reset button is necessary.

I haven't really done very much with the machine in netbsd - mainly
compiling just to put load on it - so this is all I can contribute for now.

  - Arne H. J.