Subject: Re: Looking for info on XINE/ Alpha ISDN interface?
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Robert Olsson <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/13/1995 12:45:28
 JS> This isn't related to NetBSD per se but I hope I can be forgiven.  Does
 JS> anyone know what the softare interface to the ISDN hardware in
 JS> Decstations (e.g., XINE) and turbochannel Alphas is?

	I played with this some year ago on my DS 5000/20 running
	Ultrix. I used the driver from AF sound kit. It's using
	the amd 79c30 chip. Which just uses a part called MAP main 
	audio processor. I was via driver named bba (baseboard audio)
	able to set registers on the chip. I manged to get to turn
	loop on to the PTT and sending a couple of bytes indicating
	an ISDN procedure named TEI. I got interrupt back from the
	telephone station indication which channel to proceed the

	Unfortunly the PTT guys asked me if the "thing" I used was
	approved for ISDN use. So the project was cancelled. 

	I was looking for PD signalling software too. No such thing
	at least not at that time. I found better ISDN support in
	the Alpha AF-kit but I didn't get to compile on ultrix
	I didn't give too much time either. 

	By the way I think there is a standard ISDN programming
	interface. On the unix side it was streams based :-(
	It was set by something named North American ISDN forum
	or users.

	While have your attention... I appreciate your work.

	Robert Olsson