Subject: Re: DS3100 serial ports
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: The Dragon De Monsyne <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/12/1995 21:06:13
> >You might be able to pound the driver to do hardware flow control right,
> >but I'd still be surprised to see a 3100 talk to a serial port at 9600 while
> >doing anything else -- and unless the UART in your modem can handle 3% fuzz
> >in the inbound data rate, you're not going to get anywhere at 19.2, though as
> >I recall that goddamned DZ11-on-a-chip can sometimes, if you're lucky,
> >recieve okay at 19.2 -- but don't count on it.
> O tempore, o mores.
> Of course this would require more person-hours than it's worth;
> buying a cheap x86 should be a better solution. Or even
> an 8-serial-ports-on-a-scsi-bus device, if you can get the interface
> spec (they tend to be proprietary and non-disclosure) to write
> a NetBSD driver.
	If anyone is interested, I got two of these scsi serial boxes 
doing nothing on my sparcstation rigt now (they have 4 serial, 1 parallel 
on each box) I bought the machine (the sparc) from the former owner of 
the company that made the boxes (Uninet). He also wrote the interface 
software for the things on the misc. machines they run on (which include 
alphas and DS's) As his company is out of business now, I doubt he is 
afraid of revealing trade secrets, and I can supply you with a email 
adddress to reach him. 

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