Subject: Re: General information wanted
To: Ed Jones <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/09/1995 20:36:50
> 1. Will X11 be available for the pmax port and will the Xserver know
>    about the PMAGB-B video hardware? I've heard people complain when
>    building R6 for the Ultrix box that there is no xserver because
>    DEC wouldnt release the hardware params, or something like that.

I have specs.   You wanna hack on it?   Seriously, though...   I
presume you're talking about the PMAGB-BA.   I have one in my machine,
and I fully intend to have basic support for the PMAGB-BA, if only for
selfish reasons.   I can't make any promises about acceleration
support, though.

> 2. Will NetBSD have decent com drivers. It really pisses me off that
>    DEC can build such good hardware yet supply it with shitty com
>    drivers. Maybe I'm not thinking correctly about something, but
>    shouldnt my DECstation's serial i/o be at least on par with that
>    of a pc? My old 286 can push 56k on the serial line. Of course I
>    understand that the ole 286 doesnt have unix running on it competing
>    for cpu cycles.

The DS3100 will probably never be able to compete with a system with a
decent serial chip, although it should be possible to make it drive a
14.4k modem reliably.   The 5000/125 has two Zilog 85C30 Serial
Controller Chips, which are quite capable of driving a 56k line
synchronously or asynchronously.   Again, the driver needs work.

> 3. I've heard that Ultrix binary compatibility is a goal for the future.
>    Does this mean I will be able to run apps such as DECwrite and other
>    layered products on NetBSD? That would be way cool :)

That's the plan.   Ultrix compatibility is partially there already.
Getting DeathWrite (excuse me, DECwrite) to work shouldn't be that
hard, although Ingres and Oracle could be a bit of work...

> Where can I get the dist to play around a little? Thanks!   There's nothing there that you can boot yet, though
- see the previous message...


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