Subject: Re: Bootstrapping NETBSD to a Vaxstation 3100 ("diskless")
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Charles B Sites <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/04/1995 15:31:10
> Ted Lemon <>  wrote:
>  > Hm.   I'm not sure what a VAXstation 3100 is.   I have a vague
>  > recollection that one of the groups back east put out a VAX in a form
>  > factor just like the DECstation 3100, and that might have been called
>  > a VAXstation 3100.   I'm not sure what kind of chips were present on
>  > the motherboard, though.
> Yes, a VAXstation 3100 is a VAX that looks somewhat like my DECstation
> 3100 but runs slower (with VMS 5.4 and Decwindows)... It's an actual
> VAX so doesn't use the the R2000 (or Ranything for that matter)...
> (I'm waiting for the vax port to run on the VS3100 so I can take home
> yet another NetBSD machine. :) )

    Ok, from what I gather Digital has two machines.. one is a
DECstation 3100 and the other is a VAXstation 3100. The DECstation is
based on the MIPs 2000 and up type processor and the VAXstation is
based on a Micro-VAX type processor.  Ok I'm game.  I'm still
interested in doing a port, if I can find the low-level initializtion
coding things.  Pointers to that would help. (I'll check on the
750/vax port in the mean time but I gather the hardware is
functionally different. Ie. from the email messages I've gotten, the
hardware of VS3100 is similar to the pmax DC3100).  Being a newbee DEC
equipment I suspect I have a steap learning curve to go through, but
I'm willing to give it a try.  I guess the first step is to setup a
NETBSD machine on a hefty PC and configure GCC for a vax cpu and then
*pray* that someone can help me through the hardware specifics
of the bootstrap process.

Thanks for the advise, 
Chuck Sites