Subject: 4.4bsd on pmax
To: None <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/04/1994 09:19:02
One problem with 4.4BSD is that some of the kernels are linked in
a.out format and some in ECOFF.   So whether or not they will boot
correctly depends on which kernel you have and how you're booting it.

I was unable to get the provided boot blocks to work, btw, because
of their length.   I wound up putting together a smaller boot block
which I am now using on my 5000/25...   You're welcome to a copy,
although it doesn't sound like it'll solve your immediate problem.

BTW, as several people have demonstrated, it is possible to build a
4.4BSD kernel on Ultrix.  I recently tried to boot NetBSD on a 4.4BSD
partition only to discover that the NetBSD a.out format isn't
compatible with the one used in 4.4BSD.   I haven't finished working
around this yet.   :'(   So booting 4.4BSD might not get you as close
to booting netbsd on a pmax as you think.