Subject: Please update the site
To: None <>
From: Vivek Ayer <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 10/19/2007 18:04:51

I recently joined the list aftering buying a Linux kit and plans to
install NetBSD on the PS2. I was disappointed at the fact that the
last news update was 12/9/2004. Is it the maintainer's job to update
the news entries or can anyone update it? I myself, would like to
develop NetBSD on the PS2 and want to see more response from this
port. That new entry is almost 3 years old. Surely, there must bugs
and stuff to track in NetBSD/PS2 3.1.

I'm sure the PS3 is a lot more important these days, but old is gold.
Keep it development going on these oldies. That's my 2 cents.