Subject: Re: Boot netbsd on playstation2 with modchip
To: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: Jared D. McNeill <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 12/17/2006 22:14:43
On 17-Dec-06, at 10:06 PM, der Mouse wrote:

>>> Who be tried load Netbsd kernel with "uLoaderELF" or similar loader
>>> on "modchip" Playstation2 ?
>> I'm not aware of any work in this area.  As far as I'm aware, the
>> NetBSD/playstation2 port currently has dependencies on the "Runtime
>> Environment" provided by the PS2 Linux kit.
> I'd certainly appreciate any work done on lifting this restriction.
> I'd be very interested in booting NetBSD on mine via some variant of
> the Independence Day exploit (which I have verified does indeed  
> work on
> the hardware I have).  (I'd like to run NetBSD, but I'm not willing to
> pay Sony's extorti^Wfees only to get a gratuitously crippled view of
> the machine.)

How does the ID exploit work? I have the North American linux kit and  
it's a pain in the butt to use (swapping DVDs, etc).

Of course, the one nice thing you do get with the Linux kit is the  
VGA adapter.. although I suppose this isn't as big of a deal these  
days with HDTVs becoming cheaper and cheaper.