Subject: /dev partition (mfs)
To: NetBSD/ps2 <>
From: Naopic Tastalian <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 06/17/2005 15:34:11
Hello everyone,

I experiment a problem similar to that one : with NetBSD-2.0.2
on my playstation2. I precise I had to use a NetBSD-1.5ZC (RAMDISK) kernel to
install, as the NetBSD-2.0.2 (RAMDISK) segfaults after package selection.

The mfs partition is too small, so most of the /dev nodes are missing, wich is
obstructing. I tried to make a /dev partition on the HDD, but the result is
worse and I can't boot.

I heard about a MAKEDEV file, but don't see it on the system. Where can I find
it ? Is the a way to solve my problem by editing this file ?