Subject: Re: My todo
To: Naopic Tastalian <>
From: Ed Schouten <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 06/16/2005 13:54:57
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* Naopic Tastalian <> wrote:
> And I guess the Playstation 2 Linux Runtime Environment's source isn't
> available, is it ?

No, but we have the Linux kernel source, so we can find out how we have
to use the RTE.

> >- Port Linux 2.4.31 to the Sony Playstation 2
> >- Patch a recent toolchain to support the Sony Playstation 2
> >- Build a Linux From Scratch install
> Wow, that already represents much work :)

Yep. I'm almost finished with Linux 2.4.31 (I've already been working on
it for a while). I've already imported most drivers and arch stuff, but
it doesn't compile cleanly yet. (A lot has changed since 2.4.17)

> >- Patch the native NetBSD toolchain to support the Sony Playstation 2
> I'm still a newbie to NetBSD : what do you mean by "native toolchain"
> ? I used the toolchain to build a NetBSD/playstation2 system from an
> i386 machine, and it worked (I precise I had to edit some code from
> /usr/pkgsrc/cross/mips* in order to compile).

Your i386 toolchain builds a mipsel toolchain at the beginning of the
'./' process. The toolchain from pkgsrc is only needed to
compile the kernel because it understands the PS2 vector instructions
and such and the kernel is the only part of NetBSD/playstation2 that
uses these.

> Well, I'd like to help but I have no experience about programming for
> an Unix-like system (drivers...)

No problem. In the end I'll need testers anyway ;)

 Ed Schouten <>

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