Subject: My todo (Was: Re: NetBSD-2.0.x)
To: Naopic Tastalian <>
From: Ed Schouten <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 06/15/2005 17:16:32
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Hey Naopic,

* Naopic Tastalian <> wrote:
> I recently bought a Linux Kit for my PS2 in order to install NetBSD on
> it. First of all, I was surprised to see that only a snapshot for an
> old NetBSD-1.5ZC was available online, and as it didn't work very well
> I decided to compile a new release from NetBSD-2.0 branch.
> As I'm mostly a newbie to NetBSD it took me a day, but I managed to
> make it and put it on my local FTP server. Installation worked and,
> apart from a few problems, I can boot and use my system. So, I'd like
> to propose you a tarball of my releasedir, as it might help others to
> install a more recent version of the system.

Wow, that's great to hear that the port still works (I still need to
find myself a Sync-on-Green capable display, so I still have to use
Linux for the time being).

> And, it's not *really* a problem, but as NetBSD can't read or write
> Playstation 2 Memory Cards I'd like to make a dualboot "Linux/NetBSD"
> on the machine ; but it's not possible as NetBSD's installation seems
> to erase my MBR.

The reason NetBSD doesn't support the memory cards (yet) is because the
driver shipped with Linux isn't a real default 'filesystem on top of a
block device' setup. I looked in the source some time ago (trying to
patch the latest 2.4), but it seems that the 'ps2mc' and 'ps2mcfs'
drivers are mangled together. I guess the real Playstation 2 Memory Card
Filesystem code is handled by the Playstation 2 Linux Runtime
Environment (not sure though).

That dual-booting isn't supported is also stated on the website. I guess
I'll look into it if I'll ever find a Sync-on-Green display. My current
todo for Playstation 2 Linux/BSD is:

- Port Linux 2.4.31 to the Sony Playstation 2
- Patch a recent toolchain to support the Sony Playstation 2
- Build a Linux From Scratch install
- Patch the native NetBSD toolchain to support the Sony Playstation 2
- Improve some NetBSD drivers if possible
- Port Linux 2.6 to the Sony Playstation 2

Well, I hope there are any guys out there who are planning the same as
me. I could really use some help (I'm just an IT student).

 Ed Schouten <>

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