Subject: NetBSD-2.0.x
To: None <port-playstation2@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Naopic Tastalian <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 06/15/2005 11:51:15

I recently bought a Linux Kit for my PS2 in order to install NetBSD on it. First
of all, I was surprised to see that only a snapshot for an old NetBSD-1.5ZC was
available online, and as it didn't work very well I decided to compile a new
release from NetBSD-2.0 branch.

As I'm mostly a newbie to NetBSD it took me a day, but I managed to make it and
put it on my local FTP server. Installation worked and, apart from a few
problems, I can boot and use my system. So, I'd like to propose you a tarball
of my releasedir, as it might help others to install a more recent version of
the system.

But, as I said there are a few problems with it : first of all, sysinst from the
installation kernel segfaults, so I had to use the NetBSD-1.5ZC installation

Then, the /dev partition mounted at boot (mfs) isn't large enough for the system
(many write errors), and I don't know how to configure that.

And, it's not *really* a problem, but as NetBSD can't read or write Playstation
2 Memory Cards I'd like to make a dualboot "Linux/NetBSD" on the machine ; but
it's not possible as NetBSD's installation seems to erase my MBR.

So it seems there are still things to improve, but I'd really like to have an
up-to-date NetBSD server running on my PS2 and I'd like to help if there are
things I can do (testing, debug, programmation/algorithmic etc.)



PS: sorry if my English's not very clear :(