Subject: Kernel must be compiled with the 2.95 toolchain?
To: NetBSD/playstation2 <>
From: Ed Schouten <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 01/26/2005 12:28:47
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Hello guys,

Because the NetBSD/playstation2 packages on the mirrors look a little old, I
was trying to build some NetBSD/playstation2 2.0.1 packages on my FreeBSD
5.3 Pentium 4 machine.

After successfully building a successful 'distribution', I tried to build a
'release', but it failed when trying to build a kernel, because it uses the
cross/mipsEEel-netbsd package to build it.

My question is: why can't the Playstation2 kernel be built without this
toolchain? Wouldn't it be possible to patch the kernel to build without the
EE toolchain?

Yours sincerely,
 Ed Schouten <>
 Dispuut Interlink -

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