Subject: (Newer) european hardware version
To: None <port-playstation2@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 07/12/2003 22:13:29
Hi folks,

I've been unable to boot my playstation, and I could use some advize ;-)

I (actually my son, but ignore that for a moment) have a pretty new european
(PAL) version of the ps2. I can run the Linux distro just fine, after I 
upgraded the smap network driver module.

The readme for this module says:


This beta release should fix the lockup problems experienced by Linux Kit
owners with the latest model of Playstation 2.

I guess I'm seeing the same lockups with RedBoot ...

I do:

RedBoot> load -h -m TFTP netbsd.ps2

and the log says:

Jul 12 19:36:56 night-porter tftpd[1222]: read request for netbsd.ps2: success

but after a few packets the download stalls and RedBoot locks up.

Using Linux I copied the generic kernel from the snapshot over to the memory
card and tried to boot that (directly). It loaded, showed one line of text
output (which I couldn't read that quickly, it started with "kernel" I think)
and crashed the machine.

So, I guess I'm looking for someone providing me with debug kernels (or a fixed
kernel for the PAL version, if that is the problem) - or a new RedBoot version,
if the problem is something else, or any hints - or success reports from
other users of the european version...