Subject: NetBSD/Linux co-existence.
To: None <>
From: Bill Squier <>
List: port-playstation2
Date: 06/05/2002 21:18:54
I've got NetBSD and Linux almost coexisting on the Playstation2, but I've
encountered some interesting problems along the way.  Chief among them is 
that sysinst for the Playstation2 seems to write the wrong disk geometry into
the BSD disklabel -- even if you tell it the geometry as discovered by the
linux fdisk program.  It also writes an invalid partition table to the disk
(whether you leave it with its default bad values or supply the ones that
the ps2linux install claims are correct).
I've fixed the invalid partition table by running through the Linux install a
second time, and reusing fdisk to set up the proper MBR partition table.
Now when I boot the NetBSD/playstation2 install kernel (from the snapshot),
I get ``wd0: no disk label'', even though disklabel(8) finds it.  I'm about to
track down if disklabel.c and disksubr.c think the BSD disk label is in two
different places, but if anyone on the list can save me some time, I'd
appreciate it.

I also have a HOWTO guide for doing this installation which will be complete as
soon as I nail this last issue down.

Some quick checking reveals that disklabel may not be built with -DUSE_MBR.
After examining playstation2/disksubr.c, shouldn't it be?

Bill Squier (                

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