Subject: question on config of KLH10
To: port-pdp10 <>
From: bob smith <>
List: port-pdp10
Date: 05/09/2003 22:27:24
Does this look okay for a KLH10 init file, tops 20, DS10, using TLP0 as 
the dedicated ether for KLH.....

Sample KLH10.INI for initial installation

; Define basic device config - one DTE, one disk, one tape.
; Use two RH20s because TOPS-10 doesn't like mixing disk and tape on
; the same controller (TOPS-20 is fine).

devdef dte0 200   dte   master
devdef rh0  540   rh20
devdef rh1  544   rh20
devdef dsk0 rh0.0 rp    type=rp06 format=dbd9
devdef mta0 rh1.0 tm03  type=tu45

; Need KLNI to avoid LAPRBF BUGCHKs - use valid address if known
devdef ni0 564 dedic=true ifc=tlp0 en=08:00:2b:86:ba:2a ni20 

; Load disk bootstrap directly
load boot.sav