Subject: Re: floating point
To: Lars Brinkhoff <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-pdp10
Date: 06/15/2002 15:56:25
> But that was not what I was asking about.  I seem to recall that the
> VAX floating point formats, when stored in memory, inherit the PDP-11
> byte order, which is neither little endian nor big endian.  Is that
> correct?
The VAX and PDP11 store them in the same way, yes. But that's not 
relevant; libm don't do any byte assumptions about the floating point
format (do anyone ever do that???), except for the different tables
used in calculation. The floating point format acts the same.

Another interesting thing would be to use the almost-IEEE G format,
which is also the same as its VAX counterpart. _That_ would be a
challenge :-)

-- Ragge