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What do you think about spontaneous meetings?)

Hello )))
My name is Yoshiko. Probably you think that it is rather strange or something 
like that but anyway I search on the internet looking for interesting people so 
this is how I found you. I don't lose anything but I can acquire something 
doing this, do you agree?)
I hope you are not afraid of things like that. So I found you, and I for some 
reason I'm pretty sure that u r an interesting person and also I can predict 
that it will be an exciting experience for both of us.
As you could already notice I am open to people, very sociable and kind person. 
I really enjoy travelling and meeting new people. It is just a really short 
introduction and I will tell you more about myself when you will answer. Now, 
please tell me something about yourself! What are you interesting in? What 
marks you out? Can you tell me something special about you?
I hope you aren't going ignore it and you will answer the letter. 
Unfortunately I got to go now, please, reply when'll you have time!
Can't wait to talk to you!

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