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PC532 and Symmetric (fwd)

I received this mail below,
& widening reply to lists:
        symmetric%berklix.org@localhost (only subscribed people can post,
                                 sub. via majordomo%berklix.org@localhost
                                        http://berklix.org/robot/ )
        pc532%bungi.com@localhost       http://www.bungi.com/pc532/

------- Forwarded Message

From jcferreiradasilva%gmail.com@localhost Thu Nov 25 11:20:10 2010
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 10:17:26 +0000
Subject: PC532 and Symmetric
From: jcferreiradasilva%gmail.com@localhost
To: bernd%kopriva.de@localhost, jhs%berklix.com@localhost

I would like to know any of you still has a NS32532 available (the IC) and  
some more details of the Symmetric board. I would be willing to buy the IC  
if available.

I like to spend my free time reviving old computer systems, or rebuild them.
I was able to get the NS32016 for the symmetric but the ns32532 is very  
difficult to get.
I also didn't find much info on the symmetric except for a description of  
components, a schematic or functional description would be useful.

JC Silva
------- End of Forwarded Message

I sold my PC532 system, & 2 x Symmetric 375 systems to Bernd
I gave Bernd all original documentation & media copies of all my data
for all systems.  I scanned docs first, & gave Bernd a CDROM of it,
I also have copies on hard disc, some stuff I could later 
put up for you to ftp download, but no time next 2 weeks.
A quick look shows eg:
        /pub/symmetric/tar.gz 100M
        /pub/NetBSD/scans.pc532 PDF 6 M
        /pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-1.5/pc532 35 M bins etc

16032 chipsets,
        I have 1 or probably 2 sets.  ( Each cost same price back
        then as (was it a 1 or 2) week ski package basic holiday
        flight UK to Alps + hotel, that was 1984 prices, I recall
        130 pound sterling back then. Happy vintage memories of
        wire wrapping etc :-)

I dont have a spare 32532 chip, some on lists might.

Populated Boards
        Munich area used to have a bunch of people with PC532s, I
        can ask around if anyone would part with theirs.
        Some of those people aren't on some lists I've cc'd here,
        I also cc'd Gary & Bernd

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