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From: Phil Budne <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 05/27/2006 11:00:28
From fetch Thu May 25 12:27:03 2006
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From: "BlueSonata" <>
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Subject: When was the last time a Series 32000 System ran?
Date: 17 May 2006 12:35:43 -0700
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Hello all,

Over the last little while I have been exploring various threads
regarding National Semiconductor Series 32000 systems.

Unfortunately, all of them seem to have entered a sleep (or power-off)

Most recent posts to this group are related to anything but the Series

I'm looking for a Series 32000 board - Definicon DSI-32, or ICM-3216,
or even better a PC532 that has been banished to a closet.  This is to
have some real hardware to test against an emulator I'm considering

Regards to all