Subject: Re: pc532 1.5 ALPHA now ready
To: Phil Budne <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 10/06/2000 00:03:13
On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Phil Budne wrote:

> I forgot to add "softcar" to the /etc/ttys entry for my 3-wire console
> port.  Contrary to what the INSTALL document says, the scn driver does
> implement ttyflags (I should know, I did the work)!!  I wouldn't mind
> if the stock ttys file assumed a 3-wire console
> 	but I also wouldn't mind if the default console speed was
> 	19200 -- I remembered to patch the kernel with gdb, but I

	Its in src/etc.pc532, I'm sure whatever the majority of
	pc532 users decide will pass without any contest from anyone
	else :)

> 	forgot about the /etc/ttys entry -- that was the first thing I
> 	tried after punching the reset button -- does the install
> 	"floppy" make this any easier?  I haven't used it in years.  A
> 	tiny script to gdb the kernel and sed the ttys file would be
> 	a nice addition.
> This would have been less of a pain if the telnet, rlogin, and rsh
> entries in inetd.conf were not commented out by default!
	All in the spirit of "Welcome to the big bad internet" - given
	people are putting NetBSD boxes up on the net with gay abandon
	(albeit more often than not not pc532s :), the default is to
	close services.

> The new rc.conf is great (puts all the defaults in a seperate file).
> You must manually turn on the portmapper when enabling NFS.
	Its more trouble when configuring a box for the first time,
	but much easier when copying configs around or upgrading.
	(Some you win, some you lose).

> I didn't get any of the core dumps from using the new binaries
> after installing base.tgz before rebooting that I've come to expect
> (what no major changes to the system call ABI?).  I remember one
> release caused the 'reboot' command to dump core! I think "sync"
> still worked!

	Damn - someone will have to get everything switched to elf and
	a new syscall format :)

	(Just some random comments from someone who used to have a couple
	of ns32016 boxes)

			       -- A pmap for every occasion --