Subject: Re: Roms
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Julian Stacey <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 04/23/1999 02:30:22
David Brownlee wrote:
> 	Just on principle I've put this information, plus the location
> 	of the autoboot images, onto an FAQ webpage under NetBSD/pc532...
> 	In case someone somewhere finds another pc532 in an attic :)
> 	If anyone has any other suggestions for the FAQ, let us know! :)

I have an Intro I wrote for the 532 some time ago, with lots of URLs,
If you grab the useful info & merge it into the FAQ, 
tell me & I can then scrap my page.
PS my page seems to have shrunk, anyway, I have George's gerber diagrams,
both the data, & photo sheets I had made up here in Munich (we never did
do the PCB fab bit)

The data files are for mainboard as well as ether, (I used the layer info
to repair a broken trace in a middle layer of a mainboard, back when a friend
(spare the blushes of the not-so-innocent ;-) had burnt his eprom pads 
with an enormously hulking ugly great soldering iron :-)

I also have gerber.c (from someone else)
to view them under X, & would be happy to copy the data to an ftp site.

I haven't turned mine on in a Long while, sad to say,  :-(
Lack of time.
Maybe sometime I'll try a 110K slip, to my main freebsd ethernet boxes.

Julian H. Stacey
  Virus/ Security/ License Worries ?  FreeBSD & Linux provide free sources 
  for public scrutiny - Microsoft do not - Who should you trust today ?