Subject: Re: problems compiling the ssh package
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 11/24/1998 09:36:32
>     #define count_trailing_zeros(count,x) \
>       do {
>         __asm__ ("ffsd      %2,%0"                                          \
>                  : "=r" ((USItype) (count))                                 \
>                  : "0" ((USItype) 0),                                       \
>                    "r" ((USItype) (x)));                                    \
>       } while (0)
>However, I've had other minor problems building recently, and was wondering
>if anyone else has gotten this to build properly, or if I need to dig out
>a gcc manual and play with this asm statement.  (I wonder if I have a copy
>around here... I used to, but I have no idea where it might be right now...)

No asm problem here.  Just add a \ after "do {".  I thought I sent that fix
to the maintainer of gmp, but it hasn't made it into the distribution.  I'll
file a PR for this against pkgsrc so it will at least build correctly if
using the package system.

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