Subject: Re: NetBSD - 1.3
To: Phil Nelson <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 10/27/1997 07:56:54
Phil Nelson <> writes:
>    I have been having a lot of trouble building a 1.3 alpha snapshot.  I continue
> to get kernel panics.  (I don't know if these are due to bad hardware or not.)
>    Is there someone who is tracking -current (and now 1.3) that can build a
> snapshot for me?

Well, I haven't been able to get a kernel to build cleanly yet.  and I had
a that was bad news all around for the linker...  I was hoping
someone could either supply a snapshot, or give me a few hints about the
problems with the scn driver not having TRUE and FALSE defined, db_machdep.c
including a file which wanted vm/lock.h which doesn't exist, and this:
cc  -O2 -msb -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes  -Wno-format -Werror -I. -I../../../../arch -I../../../.. -nostdinc -DEXEC_AOUT -DEXEC_SCRIPT -DDDB -DKTRACE -DACCOUNTING -DLKM -DCOMPAT_12 -DCOMPAT_43 -DFFS -DNULLFS -DUNION -DMFS -DNFS -DCD9660 -DFDESC -DKERNFS -DPROCFS -DSETUIDSCRIPTS -DFIFO -DNFSSERVER -DGATEWAY -DINET -DPPP_BSDCOMP -DPPP_DEFLATE -DNS381 -DMAXUSERS=8 -D_KERNEL  -c ../../../../arch/pc532/pc532/machdep.c
In file included from ../../../../arch/pc532/pc532/machdep.c:69:
../../../../sys/sysctl.h:202: field `e_vm' has incomplete type
*** Error code 1


Hmmm... maybe I should just wait for 1.3 and stop tracking -current with my
one and only router before things get any worse.

The first two problems were easy to cover up, this last one has been a bit
beyond my abilities at this time...