Subject: None
To: None <port-pc532@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 07/17/1997 08:08:53
[ oops.  I Sent this just to Ian, and I meant to cc:port-pc532 as well. ]

>  > Perhaps someone should fix the source tree, and/or ping Mr. Kenner.
>Maybe now wait util I have finished the work I am currently doing and
>feed the lot back.


>Do you recall what the difficulty is in making the in memory
>64 bit ops work? I wonder I should also do the tetra int mode ops?

Random rememberances...

For one of the insns I think it was trying to grab a temp register.
I remember trying to use define_expand and never getting it to
work.  Matthias told me there was a bug in the back end that I was
hitting.  I think I wanted to make the memory-register operation
a bit less desireable than the register-register version, and that
was also causing some difficulty.

Sorry I don't remember it much more detail.  Phil, I don't have a
copy of that stuff anymore, since the "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd0c;
oops... NO!" incident (I meant to type /dev/sd1c...)  The archive
is all I have now, and I haven't searched that yet.  Perhaps Matthias
has a better memory than I do, or doesn't clean his hard drives out
as completely 8-)

Jon Buller