Subject: Re: In-kernel support for Cabletron scsi ethernet adaptor
To: None <,, port-pc532@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Marc Boschma <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 01/30/1997 09:44:54
Ian Dall <> wrote:
>There was some discussion a while back about moving the support
>for the EA419 from a user process ("etherd") to the kernel as
>a fully fledged interface.

I think Jason outlined the intergration between the SCSI driver and the

>Is anyone working on that? I am keen to have that support. I want to
>let my pc532 handle rarp, which it doesn't now. Any performance gain
>will appreciated as well.

I was planning to do some work after the new snap shot was ready. I want
to see such things as netatalk and samba running off my 532 as I have
NT, 95 and Mac at home and it would be nice to share files... The alternative
is NT with NFS added...

Phil Budne <> wrote:

>I've wondered if it would be easier to write a real driver that
>depends on a user process for context (ie; a process which does an
>ioctl() which never returns) for the scsi I/O.

Phil, could you expand on this, as I think I'm missing the whole thrust of
this thought...


Marc B.