Subject: Re: Any need for a NetBSD/pc532 snapshot?
To: Jon Buller <>
From: Matthias Pfaller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 01/29/1997 09:11:25
Jon Buller wrote:
> > I plan to do a NetBSD-current/pc532 snapshot in the next few days. If
> > there is interest, I can put it on So who
> > would be interested in a snapshot?
> I think I got my system back from various bad states of not building.
> However, I still need to remove -Werror from to
> get libg++ or groff to build.  The standard headers have volatile
> in front of several prototypes, and some built-in version buried
> in g++ does not, generating a warning every time any useful work
> is attempted.  I went back to the 1.2 cc1plus and c++, but to no
> avail.  I've reinstalled the includes and rebuilt the binaries
> several times in an effort to fix it, again to no avail.  If the
> snapshot can fix that I'm very interested, otherwise just curious...
> (I guess this is really a request for a simpler fix to the problem
> than a whole snapshot download and install.)

Sorry, can't help you on that :-( I just finished a full rebuild
without problems. I'll probably upload the sets on friday evening.

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