Subject: Re: Any need for a NetBSD/pc532 snapshot?
To: Matthias Pfaller <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 01/28/1997 19:09:37
> I plan to do a NetBSD-current/pc532 snapshot in the next few days. If
> there is interest, I can put it on So who
> would be interested in a snapshot?

I think I got my system back from various bad states of not building.
However, I still need to remove -Werror from to
get libg++ or groff to build.  The standard headers have volatile
in front of several prototypes, and some built-in version buried
in g++ does not, generating a warning every time any useful work
is attempted.  I went back to the 1.2 cc1plus and c++, but to no
avail.  I've reinstalled the includes and rebuilt the binaries
several times in an effort to fix it, again to no avail.  If the
snapshot can fix that I'm very interested, otherwise just curious...

(I guess this is really a request for a simpler fix to the problem
than a whole snapshot download and install.)