Subject: Re: tty problems with Jan11 kernel
To: Matthias Pfaller <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 01/18/1997 14:51:33
Matthias Pfaller wrote:
> On my i386 X-Terminal I have running getty on vt00, X
> on vt01 and some sort of tip on vt02. The tip on vt02 connects the
> i386's cua1 with the console of klondike. On klondike's tty01 I'm
> running a cu to the console of dummy. Klondike's tty02 is connected to
> dummy's tty03 for ppp. The tcp/ip connection between klondike and xtk4
> (the X-Terminal) runs over a 50 kbyte/second plip link. I'll try running
> getty on dummy's tty03 and cu on klondike's tty02 this weekend. This
> should be similar to your setup.

The NetBSD/SPARC kernel running on my ELC doesn't like 57600 for
a speed, but I did try that.  Would be nice if it could.

> Jon Buller wrote:
> > I did try the local and softcar keywords in /etc/ttys on tty01 and
> > it did not seem to have any effect on the other Sun ELC / pc532
> > serial link.  (The main link being the Sun-ttya to pc532-tty00
> > console link.)

As it turns out, all I need is softcar.  Using both softcar and
local causes init to kill getty on a regular basis for using too
much CPU time.  The reason I didn't figure it out earlier is that
I was changing /etc/ttys, typing "kill -HUP 1" and then killing
the getty process on the tty I was testing.  This was not enough
to make any change on the port, I had to do a full reboot.

The way I figured THAT out was by having my wife complain about
the ELC sitting on the floor and about how uncomfortable I must be
sitting on the floor and typing on a keyboard that was resting on
the floor.  When I shut everything down, moved it all around, and
brought it all up again, I had /etc/ttys left with local and softcar
on the line to the ELC.  Noticing the new behaviour of init/getty,
I rebooted several times changing the flags, and the ELC line works
fine now.  I expect the same fix to work for the Mac port after I
send this message.

> Could you try something other then 38400 as the speed for your second
> getty? Are you sure the rest of the terminal settings is correct? You
> might get 7E1 on your second line. I think std.pc532 only changes the
> terminal setting for the console device to match the monitor's tty
> settings. Did you have a local patch to change the default terminal
> settings with your old kernel?

No local patch to change the kernels default settings, but I had
changed the default in /etc/gettytab which is why I included it in
a previous message.  Fortuantely, I discovered my mistakes before
getting as far as trying 7E1, etc.

Does the necessity of the softcar flag mean that the pc532 thinks
that DCD is not correct when I try to get a connection?  I tied
DTR to DSR&DCD in the cable I made for the ELC.  Did I build the
cable incorrectly?

Thanks again for everyone's help and assistance,