Subject: Re: tty problems with Jan11 kernel
To: paz <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 01/17/1997 20:49:19
paz <> wrote:
> [ I think Matthias wrote: ]
> > Jon Buller wrote:
> > > [ I think Matthias wrote again: ]
> > > > That's because you didn't install a new boot program. The integration
> > > > of ddb showed that we had a small bug in boot.c that prevented the
> > > > preservation of the symboltable.
> > > 
> > > OK, that will be fixed real soon.  I guess I'll have to get used
> > > to typing that new address 3... instead of 180000 when I boot.  I
> > > guess I really should get around to loading an autoboot image into
> > > an EPROM or the NV-SRAM I'm using now.
> > 
> > Yes, you should really do that :-) I'm just flipping one switch and then
> > my machine is booted about a minute later and I don't have to touch
> > anything but the powerswitch. Automatic reboot after panics is also
> > working without problems.
> If you need another boot eprom, I'd be happy to blast one for you. I have
> copies of the ones Phil Budne uses.

Well, that would be nice.  I've been running my console at 9600
due to historical reasons. 8-) I wanted to change it to 19200 for
a while, but then thought that 9600 on one port will still allow
the other port to run at any speed in either table, 19200 or 38400
don't.  I suppose now that the driver can use the counter/timer it
doesn't really matter any more.

I have my monitor in a 32K NV-SRAM with a small spacer that reroutes
several pins that are missing or in different places on an EPROM.
I also have the device I used to program the thing, but I tried
powering it up, and it appears that the programmer (an 8051 with
a 32K SRAM socket) has been moved too many times and lost a wire
or a blew a chip or something.

I am planning to build a new programmer with fewer bells and whistles
than the original (it was not built as a NV-SRAM programmer) but
haven't got it going yet.  Some of you have heard about how most
of my free time now goes into a house with a broken master bathroom
and bad landscaping, a 14 month old daughter, and a wife who thinks
I have always spent too much time with the computer, now only more
so.  I suspect some other pc532 owners somewhere have similar
problems 8-)


P.S. Paz, do you just want me to send you my entire setup and you
can tune it all up at once for me? 8-)