Subject: Re: tty problems with Jan11 kernel
To: Jon Buller <>
From: Matthias Pfaller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 01/17/1997 15:26:55
Jon Buller wrote:
> > That's because you didn't install a new boot program. The integration
> > of ddb showed that we had a small bug in boot.c that prevented the
> > preservation of the symboltable.
> OK, that will be fixed real soon.  I guess I'll have to get used
> to typing that new address 3... instead of 180000 when I boot.  I
> guess I really should get around to loading an autoboot image into
> an EPROM or the NV-SRAM I'm using now.

Yes, you should really do that :-) I'm just flipping one switch and then
my machine is booted about a minute later and I don't have to touch
anything but the powerswitch. Automatic reboot after panics is also
working without problems.

> > Ok. Aug 10 was before I integrated Phil's improved driver. Could you
> > please try adding local/softcar keywords to your /etc/ttys? I don't have
> > terminals hanging from any port but the console port. It's not that easy
> > for me to change this. The console cable is an internal connection
> > between my i386 X-Terminal and my pc532 (both share one housing).
> Ah, yes, that is what you were after... 

No. I'm doing ppp at 57600 between my main pc532 (klondike) and my test
machine (dummy). On my i386 X-Terminal I have running getty on vt00, X
on vt01 and some sort of tip on vt02. The tip on vt02 connects the
i386's cua1 with the console of klondike. On klondike's tty01 I'm
running a cu to the console of dummy. Klondike's tty02 is connected to
dummy's tty03 for ppp. The tcp/ip connection between klondike and xtk4
(the X-Terminal) runs over a 50 kbyte/second plip link. I'll try running
getty on dummy's tty03 and cu on klondike's tty02 this weekend. This
should be similar to your setup.

> I did try the local and softcar keywords in /etc/ttys on tty01 and
> it did not seem to have any effect on the other Sun ELC / pc532
> serial link.  (The main link being the Sun-ttya to pc532-tty00
> console link.)

Could you try something other then 38400 as the speed for your second
getty? Are you sure the rest of the terminal settings is correct? You
might get 7E1 on your second line. I think std.pc532 only changes the
terminal setting for the console device to match the monitor's tty
settings. Did you have a local patch to change the default terminal
settings with your old kernel?

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