Subject: Re: All is well that ends well
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 10/14/1996 08:47:48
>What I see missing in the doco:
Thanks for helping improve the install docs...

>1) The partitions created by the install are not in the order that you
>specify when you answer the questions about sizes. So, if you define
>an 'other' partition at the end of the disk, the install will not
>understand it in this way.

I think this is a bug.  1.0 installed them in the order asked.  When
I did the original 1.0 install I had a couple partitions that I didn't
want the install process to overwrite.  I didn't check them out for 1.1
or 1.2.  Sorry.

>2) To learn how to boot an image, use 'bim'. It will tell you where
>the boot partition starts (sector start: sss) and how large it is

Good point.  This should be in the docs for people not using the autoboot

>BTW, I do not see rz/sz here, must be time to try and compile the
>first program on the new system...

As I remembered, I looked into including both sz/rz and kermit into the
binary distribution ... and discovered that both copyrights prohibit
such a use.  I got a one time permission for 1.0 to have kermit available
in binary, but not in the distribution.  That is why I wrote download, but
I didn't have time to put in a mode where you transmit 1k (or some block
size) and do a sync up to that time with retransmission.  It shouldn't
be too hard.  You could send the CRC up to that point and retransmit from
last CRC sync if the new CRC did not match.

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