Subject: Re: ncr(4), scsi(4) docs?
To: Steve Ihde <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 07/12/1996 16:13:16
	I believe someone on port-pc532 is working on a similar if not the
	same scsi/ethernet adaptor.
	Hopefully someone on will have more info on
	this :)

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On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, Steve Ihde wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've become interested in writing a scsi device driver for this
> Cabletron SCSI-Ethernet box I have (yes, I'd like to be wired from
> NetBSD and not just my MacOS).  I've got some documentation from
> Cabletron and feel ready to proceed, but I haven't been able to find
> docs on NetBSD's scsi host adapter driver.  /src/sys/scsi/README
> refers to /usr/share/man/man4/scsi.4, which I don't seem to have, and
> man -k ncr claims that there's an entry for ncr, the scsi driver, in
> section 4.  Nada.  Actually, man -k often refers me to non-existent
> man pages; maybe I just need to rebuild my whatis database, but it's
> straight out of the man.tar.gz binaries and I figure maybe I'm doing
> something wrong.
> Anyway, if someone could point me to scsi documentation I'd be very
> grateful.  
> Thanks,
> Steve Ihde