Subject: Snowing in Boston, et al.
To: Phil Budne <>
From: Philip A Zimmermann <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 07/02/1996 00:55:33
> 	From: "Julian H. Stacey" <>
> 	Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 15:04:46 +0200
> 	Hi, Reference:
> 	> From: Phil Budne <> 
> 	>
> 	> Philip Zimmerman found a little (6"x1"x3.25") Cabletron EA419 SCSI to
> 	> ethernet box, and I found documentation on how to speak to it.
> 	What does that box cost (aprox.) ?

[Phil B. writes:]
> It doesn't look like this box is sold any more; However Philip Z.  may
> have a line on two different sources. But in both cases it may boil
> down to "how much are you willing to pay".  Since similar devices sell
> new for $200, I would hope it would be under $100.

How fun! I just got back late from a hot date with a washing machine to 
find a flurry of email regarding the '532! I'll look into sources. More 
may even pop up from the other subscribers out there; what I basically 
scared up, at Phil B.'s description, was a box which we used to use on 
older-style Macintoshes which had a SCSI port on the rear panel. This 
Cabletron box has a DB25 on one side and an RJ45 on the other side and a 
socket for a wall wart to provide power.

I'll do more snooping tomorrow for price & availability.

I'm kinda sorry about leaving the et532 pursuit for the last few weeks,
what with being busier than ever at work and then vacationing and all, but
if the Cabletron performance is acceptable, this may be a less costly and
quicker-to-fabricate solution. 

Philip Zimmermann
somewhere near Boston