Subject: Re: Well, I *wanted* to say that my pc532 lived!
To: Jordan K. Hubbard <>
From: Philip A Zimmermann <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 10/11/1995 18:04:32
> > I bought a couple of the kits awhile back, built one for myself, and that 
> > was about it. Never fired it up. I'd love to, but I need to buy RAM for 
> Wow, WITH the CPUs?  That's a rare find..

One had the CPU. That's what I'd like to get on the air. Thanks to Sandy!
(I think... )

> I think that any reasonably priced SCSI drive should do you fine..
> I'm still waiting for Phil to wake up and tell me how to serial
> download mine into shape, so maybe we'll both figure it out! :-)

Matthias wrote me:

"I'm running with a micropolis 4110. A friend of mine bought a Quantum
730mb SCSI drive. Both drives work without problem. I have connected
a Quantum LP52S as a swap drive. I had the machine running with a
conner 520mb drive and with an oldfashioned Siemens Megafile 2600.
So far I haven't seen a diskdrive not working with NetBSD. My setup is:
"SCSI id 0: Quantum LP52S (50mb, boot, root, /var)
SCSI id 1: Micropolis 4110 (1gb, /home, /usr)
SCSI id 2: Teac FC-01 (SCSI <-> Floppy bridge connected to a 3.5" (lun 0)
           and a 5.25" (lun 1) floppy drive.
SCSI id 3: Toshiba 4101 CD-Rom drive
SCSI id 4: Tandberg 3660 QIC-150 drive
"Everything works fine. I can mount ISO9660 CDs without problems and I can
play music with the CD-Rom drive (that's what it is used for most of
the time :-)


I hoped to go with an established hardware configuration, as
a) I've never set up a SCSI drive and
b) I've never set up a unix-ish system.

If I don't need to worry about compatibilities, I'll see what the market 
offers. How big is the OS? It looks like Matthias fit it onto a 50 meg drive.

The SCSI-floppy bridge looks interesting. Is it still made? I'll bet it's 
a bit pricey...

Oh, what's the usual amount of RAM which people are using?

Hey, Jordan- keep fit, but no jogging on those grounds with the razor 
wire and M-16s!

philip zimmermann
somewhere near Boston