Subject: Sector sizes
To: None <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 12/08/1994 17:33:41
Could anyone tell me if NetBSD/pc532 requires 512 byte blocks
from its disks?  The reason I'm asking is that I have a Seagate
ST296N, and if I format iit with 512 byte blocks, I'll get 84.9MB
but if I format it for 1024 byte blocks, I can get 89.5MB from
the disk.  That is the way it's set up right now.  I don't really
want to re-format it, and I don't want to throw away space I don't
have to, but bim doesn't like the 1024 byte blocks, and I wonder
if there are more evil things lurking underneath if I try to use
it that way...

Thanks for any info,

Jon Buller