Subject: Another NetBSD box up and running
To: None <>
From: Buller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 11/30/1994 10:20:42
Thanks to all who offered to help me get base.tar.gz.  Phil gave me an
anon. ftp account on one of the machines at wwu, and split the file
into managable pieces.  He also sent me some zmodem binaries which
helped me out bunches.  I can now say that the machine is up and
running, and it has compiled and executed a "hello world" program.

Now to get UUCP, sendmail, UseNet News, non-employer InterNet access,
etc. and I'll be all set.  One small nit with the install: base.tar.gz
contains the berkeley tar binary, and the ram.root has the GNU tar.  so
you can only use --unlink (as recommended in the install doc) before
untaring base.tar.gz.  Fortunately, I don't think that anyone in the
pc532 crowd couldn't figure that one out in less than 2 seconds, but if
that were in the i386 install, I might be more worried. 8-)

Once again, thanks to all involved,

Jon Buller