Subject: cdrom & tape problems
To: 532bsd Mailing List <>
From: Matthias Pfaller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 10/20/1994 13:48:43

yesterday I built a NEWCONF kernel with working cdrom & tape stuff.
There was one problem in nncr.c that gave problems. There is one place
where the lun is or'd into byte one of the CDB. At this point the | was
missing and the CDB's byte one would get damaged.

Anyway the new SCSI code gives me some problems.
cdeject does no longer work for me. With the old code this worked without
problems. Does the i386 version have this problem too?

I have a set of commandline tools to work with audio cds (cdplay, cdir,
cdpause, cdresume, cdstop and cdeject). cdpause/cdresume won't work
for me (neither with the old scsi code nor with the new code) because
every open of /dev/cd0 stops the cd. Is this a problem of the code or
a problem of my drive (Toshiba 4101)?

With the old SCSI code I had no problems with my tape drive (Tandberg
36xx with =08 roms). With the new code I can read tapes *once*.
tar tv
works. A second "tar tv" gives "Illegal request". When I eject the tape and
reinsert it, I can do another "tar tv". Any hints?

	Thank's - Matthias