Subject: plip
To: 532bsd Mailing List <>
From: Matthias Pfaller <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 10/04/1994 13:31:31

this weekend I got the plip connection between my pc532 and my linux based
Xterminal working. Transfer speed is fast enough for simple X things
(25 - 50 kb/s).

One of the biggest problems was to find out that arpintr is not called
from locore.s. The call was commented out...

The only problem I have is that connections initiated on the linux box
don't work.
I can telnet from the pc532 into the linux box without problems. I can
ftp to the linux box, but get and dir won't work. Telnet from the linux
box to the pc532 doesn't work too. With the slip connection all this
worked. What I can see is that the socket on the linux box has SYN-SENT
and on the pc532 netstat tells me for each connection tried from the 
linux box one more "embryonic connection" dropped. Any help out there?