Subject: Trouble with 1.0-beta...
To: NetBSD/pc532 mailing list <>
From: Raymond A. Wiker <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 08/17/1994 15:44:00
	Hi! I've made a few attempts on getting NetBSD-1.0 beta up on
my pc532, but I have a problem getting it to work reliably in
multi-user mode. When it crashes, it invariably does so with a message
very much like
 "panic: cluster_rbuild: Too much memory"

	I thought at first that it could be a problem with my
installation process, as I didn't use the install script. Instead I
newfs'd my / and /usr partitions, mounted them under /mnt, tar'ed the
ramdisk image across, tar'ed util.tar.gz on top of this again, using
the --unlink option, updated /etc/fstab, rebooted with the disk fs and
tar'ed out base.tar.gz and etc.tar.gz.

	My guess at the moment is that there problem is swap-related,
but I have to do some more experiments with this. Has anybody else
seen this sort of behaviour?

	Oh, by the way: I'm using the netbsd.sd1.19200 image; sd0 is
only used for booting from. I'll try setting up a filesystem on sd0
and boot using netbsd.sd0.19200 today.


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