Subject: Installation of Netbsd/532 on the weekend
To: None <>
From: Raymond A. Wiker <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 08/15/1994 08:32:00
Marc Boschma writes:
 > Phil,
 >     Firstly, thanks for such a stable OS, compared to the last release!

	Seconded! When I first heard of the pc532, there was lot of
talk about running Unix on it, but I never expected to run "real" Unix
(as opposed to "unreal" ;-) on it...

 >     After many tries at fixing this we gave up and wrote the /netbsd
 >     file to a new tape (yes the tape drive worked, a bit slowly, but
 >     worked all the same). I am using this to boot at the moment. 

	My Archive Viper has a tendency to halt the system (panics
after showing a number of "reassignbuf: NULL" messages.) Funnily
enough, FreeBSD, on detecting a Viper at bootup, states that "Archive
Viper is a known rogue." Is there any sort of consensus on what drives
work under NetBSD/532? My current method is to put a few extra files
at the end of every tape that I intend to read on my pc532, read till
the end, and reboot if necessary.

 >     My plans are now to get the X11 clients, nethack :) and tcsh up
 >     and running. SLIP it to the Macintosh running X.

	I'm currently scavenging parts to set up a 386SX/25 as an X
terminal over slip, so that I can run lemacs at some point. In the
meantime, I have nethack 3.1.3 up and running, and can prepare a set
of diffs if required (config.h and unixconf.h, plus a few "|| defined
__NetBSD__" at various places in the source code.)


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