Subject: Changes
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 07/13/1994 10:23:52
For those of you using sup ...  I just checked in a couple of changes
that should make the "sup sources" work better.  For those who have
been able to make a kernel, I'd like to hear how yours works after the
next sup update.  For those who have contributed changes, I'm sorry 
that most of them have not made it in yet.  I still have them and I
plan to integrate them, but they won't make it for NetBSD-1.0 release.

Here is a quick list of known problems:

 a) gdb doesn't work
 b) profiling doesn't work
 c) does not support both SCSI chips, current support is polled for the "dp"
 d) shared libs haven't worked for everything.  They do work for
	some things, but the 1.0 release does not have them
	"enabled" yet.
 e) The cc1 used by me is gcc-2.5.8.  Patches are included in the 1.0
	source release, but will require work to "duplicate cc1".
	The cc1 (2.4.5) in the tree has some BIG bugs for the ns32k
 f) serial line support has many lacking features, but does work to
	the extent that people have been able to do work, including
	file transfers over them.
 g) not all user-land binaries have been tested.
 h) slip and ppp do not work reliably.

But ... it has been self hosting for quite a while ... and appears 
resonably stable.  

More information in the near future about the 1.0 release, where for
the first time we will have a set of sources fixed with binaries from
those sources.  This will be the time to "distribute via tape" to
those without internet access.


p.s.  If you have sent me email recently about the pc532 port and I haven't
responed, I'd like to let you know that I haven't forgot you, I just didn't
have much time to respond.  That should be fixed in the near future.