Subject: NetBSD /sys/scsi code for pc532
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 05/21/1994 22:26:31
>Perhaps I'm not looking at the most up-to-date code (I last fetched
>kernel source around April 26).  It looked like config_found(),
Yes, only close to a month out of date :)

Actually, I plan to move the pc532 to use and use /sys/scsi
code, but all my current time has been spent trying to catch up with
the current changes, to say nothing of trying to change the autoconfig
stuff.  When I get the time, I don't expect to have much trouble.
	a) ncr.c was made by ripping out the newer config stuff out of
		the mac driver.  I just need to put it back :)
	b) I don't expect much problems with autoconf.c.
	c) scn.c will be the place where the most work will have to
		be expended, and I don't expect much there.

I just need to find some time :)

The system has changes enough since the last binary snapshot that I
am trying to get one out soon.