Subject: disk labels
To: None <,>
From: Raymond A. Wiker <>
List: port-pc532
Date: 05/03/1994 08:42:00
	I had some trouble getting the disk label to stick on a Wren 6
drive that came from a SparcServer. disklabel suggested that I should
use the "-r" option; this gave me a label that worked until
reboot. Eventually, I wimped out, read the man page for disklabel and
discovered the "-W" option for write-enabling the label - and it turns
out that the label was in fact write protected; no doubt some reside
from the disk's earlier life as a Sun disk.

	I've just moved my pc532 to a bigger & nicer box, but in the
process it stopped working. After much head-scratching and mounting
despair, I borrowed a can of contact cleaner at work and cleaned the
SIMM sockets. Success - my pc532 works again, and I've found another
standard treatment for misbehaving electronics ;-)


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