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7043-B50 (PowerPC 604e) Re: PegasosII(ofppc) can't boot

As of 2013-08-28 cvs update, and netboot with netbsd-INSTALL.gz,
7043-B50 (PowerPC 604e) hung after following line shown.
NetBSD 6.99.23 (INSTALL) #0: Thu Aug 29 21:38:59 JST 2013
Model: IBM,7046-B50
total memory = 256 MB
avail memory = 234 MB
bootpath: /pci@80000000/ethernet@c/netbsd
mainbus0 (root)
rtas0 at mainbus0: version 1, entry @pa 0x16446dc
cpu0 at mainbus0: 604e (Revision 1.2), ID 0 (primary)
cpu0: HID0 0xc001c086<EMCP,DBP,NHR,ICE,DCE,SGE,BHT,NOPDST>, powersave: 1
cpu0: 375.00 MHz
cpu0: L1 I-cache 32 KB 32B/line, D-cache 32 KB 32B/line
cpu0: L2 cache 1 MB 32B/line
ofwpci0 at mainbus0

By removing the line of  ofppc/conf/std.ofppc:
-options        PPC_OEA64_BRIDGE
+# options      PPC_OEA64_BRIDGE

Things went further as:

For the line,
    trap: pid 1.1 (init): user ISI trap @ 0xfffffffc (SRR1=0x1000d032)
after reverting the changes
    sys/arch/powerpc/oea/oea_machdep.c -r 1.12 to -r 1.11

Boots fine now:

Thank you for reading,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

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