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marvell relation support 20100602

Hi! Frank and all,

I make MV64361 support patch again.  It is working on PegasosII.
It support PCI and Gigabit-Ethernet.  Maybe, this is smarter than


PCI(gtpci) and Gigabit-Ethernet(mvgbe) already tested by Frank and me.

1. Moreover, call config_found() before than other devices.  And skip.

2. A special bootpath check handling for gt was added in device_register().
   By the way,
   Can our ofwboot handle GbE of MV64361?
   I was not able to confirm bootpath when booting with mvgbe.

Please test this patch.

And I try to support gtidmac(IDMA Controller) now.  Looks like work fine.
But interrupt don't happen...


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