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Re: Powerstack II

Jochen Kunz wrote:

>> For ISA devices interrupts are working fine. I get serial interrupts
>> (irq 4) handled perfectly. But as soon as I get an irq 11 from the
>> tlp(4) device acknowledging the interrupt doesn't seem to work and the
>> interrupt handler is called again and again, freezing the system.
> Wasn't there somthing to do to acknowledge PCI interrupts? Writing
> somthing at some PCI address? Or am I confusing this with the Firepower
> machines?

You're right. The 82660 manual mentions an interrupt acknowledge register at
0xbffffff0. So I might have to use a prepivr-PIC instead of a i8259 PIC to
handle interrupts on this machine.

I changed the code to setup a prepivr PIC and mapiodev'd 0xbffffff0 as
prep_intr_reg. It seems to work so far that the PIC reads the correct IRQ
number from this address, but in the end nothing changed... :|

The pic_ack_irq() doesn't really acknowledge the IRQ and it is still handled
repeatedly. I tried both PIC_IVR_MOT and PIC_IVR_IBM.

Frank Wille

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