Subject: Re: Pegasos frame buffer (was: map_isa_ioregs)
To: Frank Wille <>
From: Matt Sealey <>
List: port-ofppc
Date: 11/12/2007 16:30:26
Frank Wille wrote:
> Matt Sealey wrote:
>> If you must mess around and need a graphical framebuffer, try this;
> Just as a fallback, when no real framebuffer driver is available. The Radeon
> driver works perfectly on my Pegasos.


>> 1) boot the system
>> 2) somewhere in NetBSD, use vesa-set-mode with the correct value for the
>>    required framebuffer console mode 3) vesa-frame-buffer-adr will report
>> the address, set the framebuffer address
>>    in the display node if you need to keep it around
> Indeed. This seems to work. But unfortunately there is no way to manipulate
> the color map for 8-bit modes.

The first 16 colours are mapped as per an ANSI terminal, so.. unless you have
some desperate need to change them from this point, I'd say who cares?

Once you get into X there is always a better driver for you.

Matt Sealey <>
Genesi, Manager, Developer Relations